Decorative Crown Molding Ideas Decorative Crown Molding Ideas

Decorative crown molding ideas can add elegance, sophistication and beauty to almost any room in a home quickly, easily and very inexpensively. Although most crown molding is added to borders between walls and ceilings, these accents can also be applied as decorative carved chair rails, door and window trimmings and specialty items such as ceiling medallions and curtain rod corbels.

New Products

Although wooden crown moldings have been the standard, new products such as polyurethane molding have brought the cost down while increasing the ease with which to install molding. These two factors save homeowners hundreds of dollars on installation, not to mention the time required to install moldings. Polyurethane is as durable as wood, lasts longer and will not shrink, expand or contract with differing weather conditions. It is also easily applied with quick drying glue and a minimum of nailing applications

Innovative Ideas

Exquisite selections of matching carved crown moldings for ceilings and wall borders, combined with carved chair railings are guaranteed to transform the look of even the dullest room in the home. For homes with elegant furnishings and elaborate furniture, the combination of plain matching crown moldings for ceiling and chair rails can tone down the décor.

Corner Blocks offer an additional aid for the novice do-it-yourself homeowner. These carefully engineered pieces help avoid difficult miter cuts and allow the joining of pieces where a corner is formed. They are easily and quickly applied with a rapidly drying glue application and masking tape. These pieces work excellently with Framing Corners to give greater definition to a room’s ceiling, walls or door frames. Using either carved or plain frames, in combination with corner blocks to house a favorite painting, on doors to create interesting décor elements or for a bare wall.

Specialty Crown Molding Ideas

  • Door trimming polyurethane moldings are reasonably priced, free from weathering effects as well as quick and easy to install. Choices range from plain and simple motifs to beautifully designed architectural works of art, all of which will transform even the simplest of door designs and entryways.
  • Corbels are classically designed and will add greater elegance to a home’s décor. Whether used singularly or in pairs, corbels double as additional shelf space or window makeovers.
  • Niches installed in walls will provide perfect display outlets for that special keepsake or art piece. These can be lighted indirectly for greater accent, adding a subtle, artistic atmosphere to a treasured piece of art.
  • Accent pieces are easily constructed into polyurethane forms and come in a multitude of varieties. These can be coupled with any of the above pieces to further accent a home’s décor and elegance. Choose a nautical scene for a thematic  accent or choices from Greek or Roman architecture to add a Mediterranean theme to a home.
  • Medallions provide a focal point to ceilings. Add a chandelier to the center of a medallion for greater accent to complement a ceiling’s décor and sophistication. Additionally, ceiling domes, whether painted pure white or a color combination to match the room, add focus and accent to a room.

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