Decorative Fencing Ideas

When it comes to choosing a fence for your yard, the options are endless. With materials ranging from wood and metal to branches and brick, it can be difficult to know where to start or what will best match the style of your home. Other things to consider include what level of privacy you are looking for, as well as what height is best (and allowed by code) for your outdoor space.

It is also important to think about the outdoor space your fence will be enclosing to ensure you make the right decision, but here we are sharing eight unique fencing ideas that will suit just about any design.

1. Horizontal fence panels.

The horizontal use of standard fence posts gives your outdoor space a more modern and contemporary feel and is commonly used in areas with rock landscapes and outdoor fountains. You can choose to reveal the true beauty of the wood with a classic stain or you can paint it a classic white, black, or gray to match your home.

2. Corrugated Metal.

This might sound like a strange option, but it really does give your space a unique and fun feel, and it looks a lot nicer than you might imagine. You can frame it out with some thick wood panels or posts to give it a bit more warmth and visual interest. Corrugated metal is also a great option if you are enclosing an outdoor shower.

3. Pallet Fencing.

With the rise in pallet use for all sorts of home DIY projects, it is no surprise that they have made their way into new fencing ideas. While some people choose to use them full intact for fencing, another great option is to disassemble them and create unique patterns, such as a chevron stripe. The variety in the pallet wood gives the pattern a really unique look and looks great treated with a simple stain.

4. Classic picket fence.

While the picket fence is not a new idea, it is still a great addition to a traditional home where a high level of privacy is not desired. Front yards and vegetable gardens work great with this type of fencing. You can even customize it using different colors or a classic stain to get away from the more traditional white picket fence.

5. Trellis Fence.

While the trellis feature is commonly seen in back yards, it is not often you see it used as an actual fence. This is a fairly easy DIY project, as you can use open metal fence panels and either metal or wood fence posts for the base construction of the fence. Then you can plant your favorite climbing plants to add privacy and greenery to your space. If you are a gardener and want to mix it up, you can even plant your vertical vegetables or berries in this fashion so that they serve double duty in your back yard.

6. Open Metal Fence.

If privacy is not a concern and you don't want your space to feel too closed in, a simple metal fence is a great option. It works great for keeping pets in and unwanted visitors out, yet feels much larger since it doesn't block your view beyond the fence. This is a great option for homes without neighbors or with neighbors that are spread apart by a fair distance.

7. Woven Fence.

Using large, bendable branches you can create a one-of-a-kind woven fence. Using thick wooden fence posts and smaller posts to weave the branches around, you can maintain the appeal of the outdoors without the use of unnatural materials that attract the eye. This is also a really nice option for fencing in a vegetable garden as it blends in so nicely with the greenery of your garden.

8. Brick Fence.

While not a quick and easy fence to put up, if you have a smaller space that needs a bit of a barrier around it, brick can be a really sturdy and visually pleasing option. It also works great to use bricks as large posts with wood panels creating the fence in between. Building in a bench with the brick fence is a great option if you have a small outdoor space that you want to use for entertaining. This option takes a bit more planning if you want to do it yourself, but with a bit of research and confidence it can definitely be done.