Using Decorative Glass Windows in Your Home Using Decorative Glass Windows in Your Home

Decorative glass windows provide beauty and privacy with colored and patterned glasswork. They are most commonly used in entryways, stairways and bathrooms.

Decorative glass windows may be stained, frosted, beveled or a combination. All three use soldering techniques to assemble the glass. The decorative glass window panels are sandwiched between plain glass panes to limit potential exposure to lead solder and to increase energy efficiency.

Stained glass
Stained glass is the most common form of decorative glass windows, and uses colored glass to create a pattern. In full windows for residential applications, geometric or abstract designs are preferred.

Frosted glass
Frosted glass uses sandblasting or acid etching to create a frosted finish that obscures the view through the windows. Patterns can be created using frosted or clear glass on a single panel.

Beveled glass
Beveling the edges of glass in a decorative glass window creates a decorative pattern without blocking the view. Decorative glass windows with beveled glass may have both obscured glass and clear glass in their patterns.

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