Decorative Molding Installation Tips Decorative Molding Installation Tips

There are many installations for a decorative molding in your home. Since there are a lot of decorative wood moldings that are available, you can make your home more unique and personalized thereby increasing its market value. You can also install moldings to demonstrate your sense of style.

Installing Decorative Moldings on Doors

One of the great installations for a molding is as a door trim. The usual practice is to simply connect it with mitered corners but if you want to create a more attractive look, wood blocks can be installed on the corners. This will effectively hide the connecting seam which can become worn with time.

Installing Decorative Moldings as Baseboard

You can also install decorative moldings as a baseboard. This needs to be a durable type of material, since the point of installing it, is to provide protection to the wall. Decorative wood moldings will provide the beauty and durability that synthetic materials cannot give.

Casing Your Windows With Decorative Moldings

A decorative molding is a commonly used as a window casing. This will effectively cover the seams in the walls ,while at the same time, providing a decorative look to your windows. Some people even use the material as a chair rail. This is done to protect the wall against the damage done when the backs of chairs touch the wall.

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