Decorative Rock Landscaping Ideas Decorative Rock Landscaping Ideas

Decorative Rock landscapes add glamour to the surroundings of a house. In homes that are built on large area usually a lot of space is left for open-air decorations. What better way to decorate an open area but a wide lawn stretching from corner to corner.  Green grass a collection of trees and beautiful plants give the area a divine appeal. In corners that are decorated by trees a lovely idea is to set up decorative rock landscapes.

Installing a Fountain in a Rock Landscape

A small fountain or a stream almost always adorns rock landscapes.. In order to add water displays it is important to have a water connection pipe near by. If there is none near then a T-pipe can be used to take a trickle from an existing supply pipe. Water always adds to the attraction of a rock landscape. Stones go hand-in-hand with water in nature habitat also. A round pool or pit has to be made with the help of different stones that give a rugged natural look.

Introducing a Spring to Decorate a Rock Landscape

The introduction of an artificial spring adds to the natural valor. In case of stream formation river stones are used to form layers on which the water runs. An electric pump is required to make the cycle work in continuation. The evaporation from the water keeps the lawn hydrated and the environment healthy.

Making a Rock Path

A rock path is also a very good idea that gives the place wilderness look. Digging the lawn makes a single or double track and placing rounded stones in shape of footmarks. These look beautiful and also protect the grass from being tread upon. With passing time the rocks collect mold and look heavenly. It Is to be noted that introducing different shades of greenery gives a mysterious look.

Using Different Colored Stones

There are rock landscapes that are made with the help of different colored stones. A common trend these days is that a cast of metal or cement is made in different shapes. This is like a shelf and is placed in an open area, lying flat on the ground. The different compartments are filled with different colored stones. From the crevices left by stones plants are made to grow. After a while as grass grows out from the pit, the stones look covered with greenery. A fully-grown landscape made this way looks ravishingly breathtaking.

Use of Trees and Shrubs

Using strong thick trees and shrubbery makes a very pretty rock landscape. Rounded pebbles are layered on an open area. Trees grown to a medium height are available in a greenery. Rounded demarcations are made with the help of different colored stones. In the middle of the circular area trees are planted. The boundaries are marked by pruning shrubbery. Cutting them in structures makes the landscape look prettier. It is better to stick to natural look as stones and boulders look better with natural scenery.

Converting Infertile Land into Pretty Rock Landscapes

Sometimes the ground conditions of an area are troublesome. If soil is not fertile enough to harbor vegetation stone landscapes are the best answer. Most of stone landscapes cover the major portion of an open area. In parts like these, plants that are comfortable in intense conditions can be successfully used to decorate the landscape.


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