Decorative Shutter Designs - Country Thunder Decorative Shutter Designs - Country Thunder

The main purpose of a decorative shutter is to add aesthetic value to a window opening and the home in general. One can be installed as an exterior or interior addition, depending on the structure’s design.  Country Thunder is a theme that can add both a rustic and appealing style to the home.

Livens up Homes

There are shutters that are both functional and decorative. However, decorative shutters are just that. The 'Country Thunder' design theme livens up structures and offers a bold, yet distinctly rural elegance to surroundings where it is used. It can be installed on window openings on the exterior to add to the overall attractiveness of your home, or in the interior to complement your country or modern rural décor theme.

Materials Used in Country Thunder Shutters

Country thunder themed shutters are available in several types of materials to suite different tastes and applications. Wood and plastic are both materials used in variations of the Country Thunder series of decorative shutters. Also, Country thunder vinyl shutters can be used in very wet and rainy climates, as they are immune to such effects and last longer.

Care and Maintenance

They should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them in good condition. Dirty, broken or damaged shutters can degrade the appearance of a home. Broken louvers should be replaced immediately and wooden shutters painted when the outer coat wears out or becomes lackluster.


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