Decorative Storm Doors: 3 Popular DIY Ideas Decorative Storm Doors: 3 Popular DIY Ideas

It is amazing to find the immense choice of decorative storm doors available today. They are available in different materials and colors. The storm doors not only provide protection from insects and bugs, but also protect the inside from the rays of the sun. It adds character to your home and increases its aesthetic value. Here are some popular DIY ideas, which may be useful for you, and financially viable too. 

1. Use Wall Paper

If you use wall paper for glass or windows and doors, you will be able to cut down the budget of the storm door. Choose from the huge variety of wallpapers, or you can even make your own wallpaper and install it according to your design. It is quite easy to install wall paper for glass and is not time-consuming either.

2. New Designs

If you want to put wall paper, the choice of color is again according to the architecture in your house. If you choose white colors for your wallpaper, you can get a frosted look. Whereas if you choose colored paper, the glass gets an appearance of stained glass. You can just apply the wallpaper in designs that you want, like making a border, or only concentrating on the middle of the door. 

3. Adding Screens

It is also possible to add a screen to your decorative storm door. It will increase privacy and if you make it decorative, it will add beauty and character to your storm door. Stickers are often used on storm doors, but only temporarily, like for Christmas or any other celebration.

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