Decorative Storm Doors: Adding Moldings Decorative Storm Doors: Adding Moldings

While the important thing to look at with storm doors is function, it does not hurt to have decorative storm doors instead of the usual ones. A storm door is placed in front of your house's door as protection against the elements. Whether standard or decorative, it has to be durable to withstand even extreme weather and thereby serve its purpose.

Kinds of Storm Doors

You can choose from three kinds. The full-view door covers the entire length of the doorway. The ventilating door has two glass panels that can be moved up or moved down to show the screen. The third kind is the roll-screen. This is a combination of the elements of the first two.

Decorating Ideas

To make these doors more attractive and nicer to look at, you can add moldings on them. These trimmings can be placed at the hood of the door. You can choose from materials like polyurethane, which is easier to install, or wood which is the classic choice. Decorative storm doors can be a great do-it-yourself project or you can buy a door that already has the moldings on it.

Adding these moldings to your storm door will really help in customizing your home and giving it more character and uniqueness. Decorative storm doors are a really great way to combine style and function.

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