Decorative Storm Doors: Adding Windows Decorative Storm Doors: Adding Windows

Decorative storm doors can add to the curb appeal of a home. Adding windows to a storm door will let in more light. Most storm doors have a pane of clear tempered glass. If you want a more customized look for your door you can add decorative windows.

Etched Glass

Etching on the window of a storm door can range from a decorative motif that will still leave most of the pane clear to fully etched panels that are mostly frosted with the design a product of the clear glass that is left.

Stained Glass

One way to customize a storm door is to add a stained glass window. Stain glass windows can be ordered from the door manufacturer. Of course an artist-created stained glass window would be the ultimate customization.

Decorative Framing

Adding decorative framing or iron grills to your storm door are another way of adding style to the entrance of your home. Decorative iron framing can add security without looking like prison bars. Decorative molding and colored glass are other window options to consider.

Adding a personalized window to your storm door can make the front of your house more inviting and add interest to your home.

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