Decorative Toilet Handles

Decorative toilet handles can add to your toilet décor. Apart from the appealing aesthetics, it is a unique and fascinating style statement. These elegant, fun, and unique flush handles are available to complement all decors and personal likes.

These flush handles are available in all types, sizes, and designs and can easily replace the current front-mounted tank lever. This toilet level accessory has a decorative figure, like a guitar, seashell, dolphin, stars, stripes, or anything else you can think of, attached to the existing toilet flush level. The lever is customizable and can be used to decorate almost all toilets. Moreover, it can be removed or attached from the device when needed. 

Some of these accessories can have an electric sound for playing or recording music or a message. Users can record their own messages, cheers, or other sounds through the recording device. It is also able to have a pressurized scent spray canister or potpourri for freshening and scenting the air, which would conveniently remove all odors.

These exciting accessories are great for toddler toilet training, as they can be given the reward to use the decorative flush handle after completing the task. The kids can also get amazed by the music and the sounds that can be included with the decorative accessory.