Decorative Wood Corbels Decorative Wood Corbels

Wood corbels, used as a form of home decoration, are not new to the twenty-first century. They have been in used in architecture and home design since Medieval times. Although they were initially made of carved stone, many modern day corbels are made from a variety of materials, including wood. 


The versatility of wood has made it a favorite in the design and manufacture of corbels in our current generation. Modern machinery now allows manufactures of wood corbels to be created in a large variety of designs.

Wood Types

Home owners in today's world can buy wood corbels not only in different designs but also in a variety of wood types. Included in these are types are those such as pine or poplar, as well as the more expensive such as mahogany and cherry.


Some corbel designs, sizes, and shapes have become more commonly used. These include designs such as shells, acanthus lea, oak leaf, waves, grapes, and one that is referred to as Traditional Corbel.


As a homeowner looking to use wood corbels, you can normally find them in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes in home improvement stores, home decoration stores, and from construction materials suppliers, and home decorators.

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