Decorative Wood Molding for Cabinets: 2 Ideas Decorative Wood Molding for Cabinets: 2 Ideas

If you are thinking of giving a face lift to your home cabinets, none would be more fitting for the job than the various decorative wood molding designs that are available. Adding wood moldings is a great way to customize the looks of your cabinets which adds to their beauty and value. But before plunging on with the project, it might be well if you could consider the wide range of wood molding designs. You can check out home decoration sites on the Internet or peruse magazines that deal with home decoration and improvement topics. This will ensure that you are going to make a wise decision.

1. Choosing the Shape of Decorative Wood Molding

Decide first on how exactly you want your cabinets to look before buying any decorative moldings. To help you with your selection, bear in mind that a rounded and trim molding will create a country like look, French style, while a flat and wide molding will create a workman like look.  

2. Wood Molding Designs You Can Choose From

No matter whether your cabinet door has been refurbished or brand new, you can use accent moldings that are available on the market in half rings, shells and ropes designs. These can be highlighted with a glaze technique that will greatly enhance the carvings.

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