Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Decorative Mirrored Features and Accents Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Decorative Mirrored Features and Accents

Mirrors are wonderfully interesting features for any décor. They accomplish any number of things by providing a place to check one’s lipstick before walking out the door, to reflect a room filled with other interesting decoration and sometimes can even enhance a room by making it seem larger. Most homes employ many mirrors often atop the bathroom vanity or within a closet door. However, with the myriad of elegant mirrors to choose from, mirrors can be incorporated throughout the home for both function and decorative appeal.

Mirrors range between many styles both antique and contemporary. In some cases, mirrors adorn entire walls much the way wallpaper does. This scenario can especially add depth to a small room to make it appear far larger than in actuality. Such mirrors may be plain squares attached to the wall by adhesive and laid down very similar to installing a vinyl floor tiles. The depth perception can also be created by hanging a wall full of individual mirrors of different shapes. For instance, a large rectangular mirror above a sofa flanked on either side by two rectangular mirrors in any style you choose—framed or unframed depending on the look of your décor.

Small hallways and foyers can also be enhanced by several small mirrors hung on the wall. A most charming look is achieved by hanging a wall of small gilt-frame mirrors in the Victorian style. By hanging some with ribbon and others by hooks, you produce a wall with lots of visual appeal especially when what they reflect on the other side of the hall—old framed photographs for instance, is of interest. This is especially nice for a wallpapered foyer or hallway.

Of course, a single large mirror near the doorway is a typical accent for a hallway or foyer—but it needn’t follow that the mirror is a typical one. Any wall where the mirror is presented as a focal point requires a special mirror to make a stunning statement. For a classic look, consider an antique or replica of a Victorian gilt wood console table. This provides the handy function of a small shelf or table to lay the morning paper or a handbag. Many Victorian styles appear quite ornate with the gilt scrollwork and marble top. For a more subdued look consider a mirror and consul in the colonial style or even the simply lines of an Art Deco design.

The frame around a mirror, or even the lack of a frame, gives the piece a signature style. If you are decorating on a budget or simply want an original look for your mirror, consider hanging a plain hardware store mirror above your bathroom sink and framing it within a flea market frame—any style will so long as it fits the proportions of the mirror. Some mirrors boast a fancy cut edge or bevel and do not require a frame. Often, these feature a contemporary look.

A mirror with an etched pattern can be a charming focal point for a room. Vintage mirrors by Turner frequently feature etched birds and foliage—some are clear and some are actually painted—very beautiful vintage works. These can be stunning pieces for bathrooms or bedrooms. There are many different styles of etched mirrors. Consider any in Art Nouveau or Art Deco styles.

Mirrors are not only for the walls, however. They may compliment doors—even ceilings. Even consider lining the inside of your china closet or cabinets with mirrors to produce a quaint antique effect. Dressers frequently employ mirrors but even decorative mirror trays and handheld mirrors can add ornamentation to your furniture. Freestanding wooden floor length mirrors are indispensable for capturing the look of an entire outfit but also prove and outstanding decorative piece of furniture for a bedroom or dressing room.

Whether you hang mirrors framed with wood or ornately carved pewter, they can add a touch of glamour and drama to any room. For a great effect, place candelabras or candles near your mirrored features for evening gatherings. A simple country garnish for mirrors involves a simple frame of ivy or grapevine. Whatever style you choose, mirrors reflect the beauty and style of your whole décor.

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