Creative Ways to Decorate Wall Panels Creative Ways to Decorate Wall Panels

Wallpaper and coordinating borders can add interest to plain walls by creating decorative wall panels.

Ceiling panels draw the eye upward and create an interesting effect.

How to Make Wallcovering Panels

To make decorative wall panels, follow these simple steps:

1. Determine the size and position of the panel by cutting and taping paper to the wall. Lightly mark the dimensions of the panel on the wall.

2. Cut a strip of wallcovering to size for the center of the panel.

3. Hang the prepared strip on the wall, aligning the wallcovering with the marked measurements. Press the strip flat with smoothing brush, working your way down from top to bottom. Reposition as you go if needed.

4. Apply border strips to the panel in clockwise direction, starting at the least conspicuous corner. Align the outer edge of the border with the edge of the panel and allow the ends to extend slightly. Miter corners. Do not affix border firmly until final border strip is applied.


Now sit back and enjoy your new decorative wall panels!

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