Color Your Home Décor Using Autumn Leaves Color Your Home Décor Using Autumn Leaves

The colors of autumn are beautiful and natural. They give a sense of texture that adds to every home décor. Bring beauty, color and texture into your home this fall by decorating with autumn leaves. There are a variety of ways that both natural and artificial leaves can be used to make your home come alive with the season.

Table Centerpiece

Use a metal tray to create a colorful base for a candle display. Artificial leaves can be fastened to the tray with spray adhesive or a glue gun. If using adhesive spray, be certain that it isn’t flammable. Glue the leaves around the outer edge of the tray and scatter a few in the center for a unique autumn centerpiece. Spray with sealer and the candle base will add color to your home for years to come.

Window Leaf Display

Check out garage and yard sales for an old window in a wooden frame; preferable one that has several small panes. Collect autumn leaves from your yard or the park. Press them and when they have dried, spray them with a coating of sealer. When dry, spray on adhesive and fasten them to the windowpanes. To give the display a unique look, coat with crackle spray to give the impression of frost. This beautiful window makes a wonderful fall display that will last for years.


Drive out of town and take a stroll down a country lane. Pick up pretty colored leaves and some acorns. When you arrive home, press the leaves and dry the acorns.

Purchase a plain lampshade that can placed on one of your existing lamps. Go to the local craft store and pick up beading thread, decoupage coat, tacky glue and strong needles. Use the needle to poke a hole in the acorns. Put beading thread through the hole. Continue in this manner until the acorn fringe is long enough to go around the circumference of the lampshade’s lower edge. The acorns should dangle freely when the fringe is attached.

Glue the autumn leaves to the sides of the lampshade in a pleasing design. Affix the leaves with tacky glue. When the glue is dry, spray with sealer, or coat with decoupage coat. If you want the lampshade to have a frosted look, spray with crackle glaze. Glitter, potpourri, sequins, seashells or other items can be added for effect.

Door Decoration

Cut Styrofoam into the shape of an oak or maple leaf. Attach artificial autumn leaves, acorns, pinecones and other items found in nature during autumn. Spray with sealer. Attach a hanger to the back with a glue gun and hang on your door for a beautiful autumn decoration.

Decorating with autumn leaves enhances the color in your home, is lots of fun and is very inexpensive. Use your imagination to create wonderful home décor items using autumn leaves.

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