Decoupage Furniture: 5 Project Ideas

If you'd like to add a beautiful accent piece to your home, consider decoupage furniture. Here are some possibilities to consider for your next decoupage project.

Project 1 - Table Top

In the Victorian era decoupage was the choice of ladies who wanted their home to stand out. One of their favorites was a fully decoupaged table top. Many of these beautiful ornate pieces have survived today and sell for large sums. Try creating your own with either a wood finish underneath the decoupage or a coat of shiny black paint which was a Victorian favorite. Flowers were the pictures of choice then, so you may want to think about that also.

Project 2 - Lamp

A decoupage lamp would be a beautiful accent for a room and an item you don't see decoupaged that often. You can purchase a used lamp at a thrift store and paint the base a color to coordinate with your furnishings and decor. Then apply the paper pictures you wish to decoupage and finish with the layers of varnish as usual.

Project 3 - Kitchen Stool

A wooden kitchen stool that you can pick up at a thrift store or yard sale for pennies would look like a decorating object made by a designer with a bit of work. Paint the wooden stool a color to compliment your decor. Perhaps a bright cherry red or bright yellow. Then on top of that, add cutouts of vegetables or fruit and decoupage over it to create the tough surface a kitchen will require. Voila! A conversation piece.

Project 4 - Rocking Chair

A decoupaged wooden rocker for your bedroom with perhaps flowers added to the backrest would be the perfect compliment for a shabby chic room. Consider painting it white and decoupaging on flowers and birds. Add a plump cushioned seat picking up the colors from your decoupage paper and you'll have a beautiful focal piece for your room.

This same project would work very well for a nursery. Paint the chair in a soft pastel color for a traditional nursery then add any pretty nursery prints such as bunnies, birds, cupids or teddies. For a brighter look choose a primary color and add bolder graphics. You don't have to stay confined to the dainty floral designs of the Victorian era, think bold, large pieces to add splash to the corner of the nursery. Any child will enjoy a piece like this and it will grow along with the child and perhaps become an heirloom for their family some day.

Project 5 - Headboard

If some of the other decoupage projects in this article appeal to you, then try pairing perhaps the rocker with a decoupaged headboard for your bed. One of the joys of doing decoupage is you can use old furniture pieces that may otherwise be thrown away or donated to charity. Be sure to sand the wood smooth before you start, then paint or stain then add your paper. Any style can be used for decoupage, you don't have to stick with Victorian or Shabby Chic. Think outside the box to create a one of a kind work of art for your bedroom.