Deep Fryer Basket

Depending on the home deep fryer model, it may or may not feature a deep fryer basket insert. Made from a variety of metals, including stainless steel and nickel-plated steel, deep fryer baskets are sold separately for use in stovetop applications as well. Hamilton Beach, Presto, Waring and Cuisinart, just to name a few, produce home deep fryer models with basket inserts, perfect for frying up potatoes, seafood, chicken, vegetables or donuts. 


Deep fryer baskets, whether individual units or those that come with a deep fryer, typically feature a durable steel mesh design with a cross-sectional frame. This design allows the basket to support a greater weight. A long handle provides a measure of safety when removing the basket from a batch of very hot oil, while a plastic or silicone coating protects bare skin from the heat. Shapes vary with each design. Units sold separately are usually round to fit into a stovetop stockpot, while rectangular baskets come with select home deep fryers. 


Deep fryer baskets that come as accessories with home deep fryers have a capacity consistent with the design of the appliance. Baskets may have up to a 9-cup capacity. Others are rated in terms of the weight they can hold, such as 3/4-pound baskets. Separate stovetop baskets cost around $30 for variable-size set.