Deep Fryer Filters

Found on numerous home deep fryers offered by Presto, DeLonghi, T Fal, Cuisinart and more, deep fryer filters are almost always replaceable components, although select units feature permanent filters. Designed to contain a lot of the smoke and oil smells that would otherwise spread throughout the kitchen, filters usually install into the designated area on the fryer's lid. Functioning in a similar way as the filters found in air purifiers and other consumer products, deep fryer filters absorb odor before it escapes into the room.

Filter Media

Deep fryer filters are made using a bed of activated carbon charcoal. Commonly conical or half-moon shaped, they install quickly into the filter compartment. Activated carbon is ideally suited to absorb odors. A single gram of carbon contains hundreds of square yards of surface area when broken down to the microscopic level. Its physical properties allow it to absorb a high amount of oil vapors and odors before replacement is necessary. 


Designed for specific brands of deep fryers, filters may be sold generically as well. It is important, though, to find the matching filter for any given deep fryer, or else it may fail to work properly. Deep fryer filters are commonly sold in multi-packs that cost around $20 to $25 each.