Deep Fryer pot

A deep fryer pot is customarily crafted from either high-quality aluminum or stainless steel. Useful outdoors on gas-fueled fryers as well as indoors on the stovetop, deep fryer pots typically include a vented lid as well as a steamer insert. Not just used for frying foods, the steamer insert makes for a fast and easy way to boil or steam vegetables or seafood. Differentiated by capacity as well as price, one can expect to spend between $20 and $60 on a good-quality stockpot used for deep frying. 

Basic Design

Brands like Bayou Classic and Brinkmann offer deep fryer pots for use on their outdoor gas fryers. Ranging in size from about 10 to 32 quarts, deep fryer pots may use pro-grade stainless steel for the outer material. Others are crafted from aluminum. Lids designed specifically for use with deep fryer pots feature a small notch to provide space for a side-attached thermometer. 

Applications and Accessories

The steamer insert may be used for either boiling vegetables or seafood or as an insertable container to hold food being fried. Rather than use tongs to remove food piece by piece, simply lift out the insert, let the oil drain and be done with it. Other common accessories include a 5- to 12-inch stainless steel thermometer, grab hook and, with turkey cookers, a perforated poultry rack and stand.