Deep Frying Pan

If you enjoy deep fried foods, a deep frying pan can quickly conjure up some of your favorites, including French fries, onion rings and other deep fried favorites.

Heavy is Best

When purchasing a deep frying pan for this task, you will want to consider a heavy frying pan that is at least 3 inches deep. Some of the best deep frying pans for this type of cooking are cast iron because they heat quickly and evenly. These two important factors are needed when deep frying food correctly or the food will not cook thoroughly.

Use Caution

When using a deep frying pan, you will want to make sure the pan is deep enough to hold at least the same amount of oil as it is deep or foods will not cook properly. Many cooks prefer using a large deep frying pan that is bigger than the burner on the stovetop when preparing deep fried foods so they can cook a few steps back from the pan to avoid getting burned.


Deep frying pans can be difficult to clean, depending on the type of oil used when deep frying, but most can be tossed into the dishwasher or rinsed with a strong dish soap.