Deep turkey Fryers

Both electric and gas-fueled deep turkey fryers are available at costs ranging from around $75 to $350. For indoor or outdoor use, depending on the fuel, turkey deep fryers offer a unique way to cook a bird during the holidays. Requiring far less time than a conventional oven, most turkey deep fryers require cooking oil, although there are oil-free models that cook with radiant heat. Rather than cook a turkey the old-fashioned way, try something new and fry it. 

Versatile Outdoor Models

Gas-fueled turkey fryers made by Brinkmann, Bayou Classic and others are intended only for outdoor use. Consisting of a welded-steel frame, cast-iron burner and a durable aluminum stockpot, gas turkey fryers can also be used to steam or boil when filled with water, perfect for preparing seafood. Accessories typically include a lengthy stainless steel thermometer, perforated turkey rack and a grab hook. The propane burner is equipped with a pressure regulator, while select units feature an auto shutoff mechanism should the temperature exceed a certain limit. 

Electric Turkey Fryers

Designed for indoor use, electric deep turkey fryers from brands like Masterbuilt feature full thermostatic control, power-on indicator lights and a digital timer for precision cooking. Radiant electric fryers use no oil and result in turkey that is crisp on the outside and very tender and juicy on the inside. Radiant models can also be used with wood chips to give turkey a smoky flavor.