Deer Fence

There are many reasons a deer fence is needed. You may have a property out in the country or one that is surrounded by a wood line. You can have deer coming into your yard and if they get trapped on your property they can do some real damage trying to escape.

If you decide to put up a deer fence, you should be aware that height is the most important factor to consider. You will be looking at a typical height of a privacy fence when purchasing a deer fence. You want the fence to be high enough that it does not look jumpable to a spooked deer. If the deer can see what is on the other side of the deer fence, they will jump it no matter how high.

Keeping Your Pets Safe with a Deer Fence

Your pets can become harmed by deer in their yard. If the deer becomes spooked it will trample the pet trying to get away. The fear and panic that sets in once a deer feels trapped will not only be hard on your pets, but could potentially destroy your home and property.

Make sure your deer fence is around 7ft high and it will work as deterrence for the deer jumping on to your property.