Defect Defect

A defect is any imperfection in a piece of wood or lumber that makes it less than desirable to use. Wood is an inconstant product and therefore needs to be checked upon purchasing or before usage to take account of any defect in particular pieces of the wood.

List of Common Defects in Wood

There are many common defects in wood. Some of the most commonly seen defects found in wood are:

  • Blue stain defect – blue-white discoloration on the surface of the wood
  • Bow defect – a bend in a piece of wood
  • Split defect – cracks in a piece of wood
  • Warping defect – warping along the edge of the board
  • Loose Knot defect – knot which moves, or pops out of a piece of wood
  • Machine Burn defect – dark machine marks made along the face of a board.
  • Twist Warping defect – where the wood warps in opposite direction
  • Gum wood defect – wood where sap or resin has accumulated on the board

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