Demolition Hammers: Choosing the Right Bit

Demolition hammers are powerful, made to tear down walls and buildings. These hammers can take out some of the strongest elements and materials, including concrete. These hammers come with various bits, however. Having the right bit is crucial to getting the job done efficiently. While there are various aspects that could affect demolition hammer bit choice, there are a few that are key and important. By looking at these three factors, you can get the job done as fast as possible.

The Size of the Job

Those who are working on a small area may have the luxury of using the larger bit. While a small bit may be necessary, a large bit can actually make the least amount of mess possible. The tinier, pointed bit will take away smaller chunks, piercing small areas and causing major crumbling. The larger, hammer and shaft types of bits will take out bigger areas, or will allow you to pull the material apart with hands after breaking. Larger jobs will want to utilize larger bits. Smaller jobs may need to start with small bits to begin the process, but will benefit from a large bit after the initial start.

The Strength of the Material

The strength of the material that you are attempting to demolish will have a large affect on your bit choice. If the material is weak, a large, more blunt bit for the demolition hammer can easily get the job done. If the material is strong, the smaller, sharper hammers may be need to start the job. The smaller point puts more pressure on a smaller amount of space. This makes it easier to pierce the material.

The Area to be Demolished

Certain areas that are to be demolished are easy to attack. If the area is a wall that is completely open, or a floor that is unobstructed, the job will be easy. If the job is in a complicated area, it can be more difficult to demolish. This is where the more interesting bits come in. Some bits are shaped as skinny spades, while others are shaped like tubes. Others are shaped like large pencils. All of these bits work best in unusual areas. The long, skinny nature of the bit makes it easy to break apart the material in small or hidden areas. They can reach farther and will still get the job done.

Some people feel as though they never need to change the demolition hammer bit. Those who use these hammers on a regular basis understand the difference that the right bit can make. Choosing the right bit revolves around the job that you are currently faced with. This is why it is important to have various bits available. As long as you take the time to understand your situation and choose the right bit, you will have no issues.