Derating Gas Burners

A gas stove.
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All gas boilers and fireplaces use gas burners as a way to burn natural gas to create heat. All of these boilers will have a certain rating which varies depending on how much heat they are able to chuck out. The bigger house you have, the bigger the furnace you will need to heat it up.

You need to spend time carefully choosing the right boiler to suit your home. There are a number of calculations that you can do to work out exactly how powerful you need your gas burners to be.

Understand the Need to DeRate

There are a number of reasons why you would need to derate your existing gas fireplace or boiler. One of the most common is if there has been some form of mistake made on your initial calculations. However, there could also be a problem when using an oversized boiler in a home which has recently undergone energy efficiency improvements.

If you have filled a lot of air leaks in your property or replaced the windows recently, you may be in need of finding a way to de-rate your boiler.

What Derate Means

De-rating a boiler will simply mean making it less powerful. This works by restricting the amount of gas which can get to the boilers to be burned. De-rating a gas boiler will make it much more suitable for the size of the property. When considering de-rating a boiler you should take the opportunity to determine if it would be better to replace the existing boiler with a new one more suitable to the property.

Consider a New Boiler

Purchasing a new boiler would offer a number of important benefits. New boilers are designed for greater energy-efficiency, quicker fire up, and improved reliability. While you would enjoy all of these benefits by buying a newer model, de-rating a boiler can save you a large amount of money. In fact, this project might only cost a few hundred dollars to be completed successfully.

Derating a boiler can save you as much as 15% on your yearly heating fuel costs, a good return for a $100 investment.

How De-Rating Works

Derating works by restricting the amount of gas being burnt. There are two main ways of doing this, either by reducing the size of the pipe delivering the gas, or by adjusting the baffles.

Building Codes

Derating gas burners may not be possible in your local area depending on local building codes. Some municipalities forbid the derating practice. It's very important that you check whether or not you are permitted to derate your boiler before spending any money.

Getting a Professional

Never attempt to work on gas appliances by yourself. Always hire a professional to do the job.