Desert Wind Generators: How They Can Reduce Dependance

With increased awareness of the need for sustainable power sources, desert wind farm have gained in popularity and interest in wind farms in California and Texas is on the rise.

Advantages of Wind Power

Wind power exists everywhere there is wind – and wind is available for free every place on the planet. As a result, it is an entirely sustainable form of power that simply has to be harnessed and utilized to its fullest advantage.

The use of wind as an energy source is not limited by geopolitical agreements about sharing or selling resources as our current forms of energy are currently limited. Anyone who is generating power from the wind is only limited by the number of turbines they install.

Additionally, unlike oil, gas and other fossil fuel power production, wind power does not requiring mining methods that destroy the environment. Since wind is a passive energy source, it only takes installing wind turbines that gather the wind as it passes through the geographical area where the turbines are located to collect the wind energy.

Tehachapi Pass
In California, wind farms can be found in the high Mojave Desert in the Tehachapi Pass. This is one of the largest wind farms in the United States and has been used as a model for future wind farms in the country. This wind farm has been in production for almost two decades now and is extremely successful in demonstrating the advantages of wind generated power.

The majority of the wind turbines on the Tehachapi Pass were installed in the mid-1980s, and have been successfully generating power since installation.  Energy collected from the Tehachapi Pass wind farms is sold directly to Southern California Edison and currently produces enough energy to meet the needs of approximately 500,000 southern California residents each year.

Desert wind power collection from the Tehachapi Pass wind farm also employes at least 400 people full time in a variety of different jobs, ranging from technicians who monitor the activities of the individual turbines, to mechanics who repair turbines when needed to various clerical staff who support the power companies that run the wind farm.

Desert Sky Wind

The Desert Sky Wind project is located in west Texas, in Pecos County. This wind farm consists of 107 wind turbines that successfully provide wind energy to San Antonio and provide 160.5 MW of power regularly.

This wind farm is situated in an area of Texas that receives high amounts of sweeping winds year-round and has the potential to be expanded to create even more wind energy in the future.


The harnessing of wind power in the United States is just in its infancy, but it has the potential to completely free the country from the need to depend on foreign sources for energy in the future. By investing in wind farms across the country, the United States has the ability to create a sustainable source of environmentally friendly power generators that will provide energy into the future for generations to come.