Design a Backsplash with Glass Tiles Design a Backsplash with Glass Tiles

Designing a kitchen backsplash with glass tiles opens a world of possibilities. The variety of tile sizes and colors in combination with the way light interacts with glass allows you to create a look for your kitchen that is both contemporary and unique. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have a kitchen backsplash unlike any other.

Tip 1: Make them Unique

The glass tiles can go well with stone and ceramic as well. Thus, you can mix these two and give the backsplash a unique look.

Tip 2: White Glass Mosaic Tiles

You can also take use of the white glass mosaic tiles, which might tend to look green. However, the luminosity which they create would end up making a fantastic backsplash tile for the kitchen.

Tip 3: Round Glass Tile 

The round glass tile is very sleek but proves to give a natural look and makes the tiles appealing for everyone who enters the kitchen.

Thus, rather than using only the one inch glass tiles to design the backsplash, you can make sure of the white glass as well as the round glass too, to create a border for the other types of tiles you make use of. Therefore, the use of glass tiles also proves to make the backsplash tile look clean and gives it an innovative look.

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