Design Ideas for a 3-Leg Table

We will share few design ideas for your 3-leg table. Are you seeking to remodel your home with new and contemporary furniture? Seeking to remodel your old coffee table? 

A 3-leg table is widely used for decorative and practical purposes in a home. It can be used as a decorative piece of furniture standing against a wall holding memorabilia and picture frames, or can be used in the lawns, gardens and kitchen to enjoy tea with friends and family. Whatever, purpose it may serve, owning a 3-leg table enhances the aesthetic value of the home.

Innovative Design Ideas

Glass and Metal

Create your own 3-leg table by fixing a glass table top onto the metal legs that are uniquely shaped into tree-branches or perhaps figurines of mermaids. To optimize the table utility and performance, the base can be molded into several subparts in case of tree-branches, or more figurines added for proper support. Characterized by smooth and clean design, this three-legged table will complement and enhance your modern living room.

3D Motifs on Wood

Compliment the aesthetic value of your living room by carving unique and interesting designs, logs and pictures in 3D Motifs on the wooden surface. A tempered glass sits atop the sculpted wood that enhances its beauty while protecting the motif work. The motifs can be created in white steel, black steel or wood depending on the base material that you choose.

With these unique design ideas, create your unique three-legged table and receive applause from friends and family.