Design Ideas for a Stone Veneer Bar

Stone veneer is a building material used for decorative purposes. It can turn a dull space into a nice rustic area which you can fully enjoy. Stone veneer looks like natural stone but has several advantages over it. It comes in many shapes, colors and designs; it is much lighter and easy to use; and the costs it involved are considerably lower. On the other hand, natural stone is much stronger and reusable, while veneer can break and has to be replaced. However, the aesthetic improvements that veneer stone provides to both the interior and exterior areas of the house are considerable.

Choosing the Right Place for the Stone Veneer Bar

Stone veneers bars can be a great design improvement both for the interior or the exterior of your house. They can turn a monotonous area into a nice rustic space. However, stone bars do not fit in any kind of interior. As mentioned above, stone veneer is a rustic, old time, medieval design, so it might not work in minimalist environments.

If you decide to get a stone veneer bar, you need to consider the exact place where you want it built, taking into consideration all other elements of your house: the position of the windows, the stairs and entrance. You could use the corners of the room or the space beneath the staircase, especially if your room is not that large.

If you want to build the bar outdoors, add it to an exterior wall or build it near the pool. The basement could also be transformed into a space for having a party and stone veneer would be the best choice for the bar since it might be the material that works best with the basement walls.

Size and Shape of the Veneer Bar

According to the space you have available you should decide on the dimensions and the shape of the bar. For instance, you might not want the bar to take half of your living room. As for the shape, you can go for a straight, round, an L-shape or a kegger bar or whatever shapes the space allows you to choose.

If your house has high walls, you can go for a higher bar and then use some elegant one legged tall chairs.

If you plan your bar in the basement, you have more freedom in choosing the size and the shape.

Materials to Combine with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer can look very good if combined with other materials, such as wrought iron or wood. If you want a really rustic bar, you can add a wooden structure to the upper part where you can store glasses and even shelves for the bottles.

Another option is to build something like a small wooden bar awning which could be really useful, especially if you plan on placing the stone veneer bar outdoors.

Wrought iron works great with stone veneer. You can use it for the upper structure, for the chairs around the bar and you can even adorn the front of the bar’s wall with a floral or geometric pattern made of wrought iron.