Design Ideas for Brick Steps

Creating a design for your brick steps is an easy way to add a unique accent to the exterior of your home. With a little work, you can enhance your home by using your own taste and flair for design.


When dealing with bricks, it is easy to think about it in terms of straight lines as this is the most obvious way to lay them. However, laying the brick steps out in a semi circle can make for a softer look than can be obtained with straight lines. Further, this method will allow you to design the steps so that the ends fall either side of the door frame. Not only will this create a larger surface area, but it can help to reduce the instances of tripping. This design can be modified by creating a circular base step whilst leaving the remaining ones straight. In this situation, make sure that each tread is exactly the same height.  


Brick steps can be used to personalize your home in place of a name plate. Considering laying bricks to spell out your family name or the name you may have given to your property. Because you are likely to have limited space on your steps, you could merely add a single letter if you desire to represent the first letter of your family name.  


Make use of different color bricks to create a design for your steps which can make them stand out as a focal point when people first approach your home. Contrasting light and dark bricks is the best way to create a striking design. Think about installing the steps in alternate colors. Stain can also be used on the bricks to change the colors and this will allow you more versatility as the color can be confined to certain sections; staining only the tread of each step will change the look of the steps depending on your distance from them. Using a dark colored mortar with a light colored brick is a good idea if you want a look that is out of the ordinary.  


Adding a border to the steps is a great way to give the design a finished look. Bricks of a different color than the main can be fitted to the edge or a stain can be used.  


Brick steps in a hexagonal shape can be a more stylish option that the normal straight variety. Further, this design would not be much more difficult to fit as it still involves straight lines.  


Rather than fit the bricks in a standard straight manner, do them in such a way so that they result in an unusual pattern which can help it to stand out. For example, laying the bricks so that they create a simple zig-zag pattern can be a nice touch, but you can make it as elaborate as you like. Using different colors with this method can serve to enhance your pattern.


Instead of utilizing a standard shape for brick steps, use more bricks to stretch the steps further along the path. This will result in each step having a larger surface area and will serve to make the steps less steep.