Design Ideas for Built In Outdoor Grills Design Ideas for Built In Outdoor Grills

Nothing says “festive” like outdoor grills and live barbeque in the backyard of one’s home. With the BBQ culture in vogue, outdoor kitchens are being reinvented with newer appliances every day. Built in outdoor grills come in a few selective designs. It is the accessories that are available with the grills that truly create the desired look. The following article will help you make select the grill design you are looking for.

Grill Features to Consider:

The built in grills you install can either be charcoal, electricity or gas fueled. This really just depends on the kind of fuel that is more readily available for you. Also if you prefer the genuine grill flavor, charcoal is your winner.

Second, the size of the grill that is being installed depends on your budget as well as the built-in grill space available in the outdoor kitchen. The usual grill range is from 25” to 55.” Do not be fooled by a large sized grill. Instead, make it a point to compare the cooking area in square inches that is available within the grill. Built in outdoor grills are made up of stainless steel making them easy to clean and use. Therefore people usually prefer installing metallic refrigerators, ice makers, trash centers and drawers in their outdoor kitchen to match the grill surface.

Accessories That Enhance Grill Designs:

Rotisserie is a useful accessory that will also enhance the look of your outdoor grill. It is used to roast a piece of meat and is useful in making “kebabs” and other non-grill meat items. Side burners are a necessity if you are going with a large outdoor kitchen. They are needed to cook vegetables and prepare sauces to go with the grilled items. These come in built in variations also and are sometimes treated as an extension of outdoor grills.

There also the warming drawers that are needed to keep the food warm and control the moisture levels. Warming and storage drawers are installed right under the grill. These accessories give a large and elaborate feel to the entire grill setup and are bought keeping the grill size in mind. Access doors help in reaching the lower parts of the grill easily so that they can be maintained or fixed. These too add to the gigantic “metallic feel” of the outdoor grill design. Some people create built in grill units with warmer and storage drawers as well as access doors.

 Popular Brand Choices:

Some of the popular brands for built-in outdoor grills include Lynx, DSC and Fire Magic. Compared to other brands, Lynx offers the most elegant and sleek designs. If you enjoy paying attention to details, such as welded seams or a perfectly smooth steel body, Lynx professional is your best bet. However affordability can be an issue since it is much more expensive than its counterparts. Fire Magic on the other hand is an affordable choice with good basic grilling features. Do not limit your brand choices, instead, decide what features you want to focus on and then choose the appropriate brand. 

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