5 Design Ideas for Cable Stair Railings

modern staircase with cable rail
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Cable stair railings are becoming more and more popular because of the attractive qualities they bring to staircases. They are modern, sharp, and eye-catching all at the same time. There are so many different ways you can bring cable stair railings into your home. They are a nice addition to any house, regardless of the decor.

They can be applied to wooden frames as well as metal frames. Because of their clean and understated lines, they fit in nicely with any type of stairs. Here are some of the different design ideas to use when you install your own cable stair railings.

1. An Overlooking View

An overlooking view is one of the most common ways that cable stair railings are used. This type of design is not actually used as any type of hand railing. Instead, you will see it used as a wall figure overlooking a beautiful view of some sort. It usually is installed off a patio on a higher floor. Imagine walking out your patio door onto a landing and being able to walk over to a beautifully designed cable railing, then looking out onto some beautiful scenery. It is quite appealing.

2. End of Staircases

Staircases which change direction are very common. These are stairs that will bring you up one flight with a slight landing, then up to another set of stairs that ascend in the opposite direction. Cable stair railings are often seen at the end of those landings. Because of the cable, it does not put up a blockage of any sort. You can see straight through to the other set of stairs. In this case, they are often used for décor rather than as a proper handrail.

3. Spiral Staircases

Because spiral staircases are often made of either stainless steel or wrought iron, cable stair railings fit perfectly with this type of stair design. Cable stair railings can bend, twist, turn, and even go in opposite directions. Using this type of railing on a spiral staircase is a great idea.

4. Mix and Match

Cable stair railings are very versatile. They can blend with any type of stairs. If you apply cable stair railings to a wood staircase, it contrasts elegance and modernism with a natural ambiance. Install them in conjunction with wood posts at the end of the railings as well. Doing so will create a clean, fresh, crisp line to combine with elegantly detailed woodwork at the bottom.

5. Opposite Directions

This option is a favorite among many homeowners. Because of the unobstructed view that cable stair railings give, installing them in a long flight of stairs that have an up-and-over feel, you can use them together, and create a lengthy flight of stairs. Doing so gives you the chance to see the top floor as you are walking toward it. You will see this design in places like hotels and office buildings. However, the clean lines will give your home a very modern look.