Design Ideas For Custom Pool Slides

Adding custom pool slides is a great way to increase the recreational use of your swimming pool while improving its visual appeal. Personalizing the pool slide with custom design work can turn an ordinary pool slide into a unique water experience.

Add natural design features

A custom rock pool slide mimics a stream tumbling into a lake to aesthetic appeal. Another way to bring nature to your poll slide design is to build tiers around the slide and add foliage and other plants to create a lush tropical getaway. Natural features matched to your landscape and patio design tend to give your pool slide a sophisticated look, whereas bright colors will scream playground.

Add water to the slide

Running water down the slide reduces friction, allowing swimmers to slide more rapidly. Water can be added to a standard slide with custom plumbing and the existing pump.

When considering the option of building a custom pool slide it is important to consider the depth and type of pool you have. Always start with a slide which is compatible with your pool.