Design Ideas for Custom Showers

Using your own design ideas for custom showers can help you add a personal accent to your bathroom or create a theme. By bearing in mind what you want to achieve, you can decide on what design to use.


If there is anyone in your household who would benefit from the use of safety equipment, consider creating custom showers with a range of fixtures and fittings that aid those less able to use the shower. Consider grab rails and larger shower door handles which are easy to screw into place. Replace standard faucet and shower dials with large levers that are easier to operate. A folding seat can be fixed to the wall to enable it to be used when necessary. Don’t forget other accessories such as non-slip pads for the base of the shower pan and/or bath tub to reduce the potential for accidents.


Installing nozzles along with the relevant fixtures will allow you to extend the use of custom showers so that you can also effectively create a steam room. This will give your bathroom more versatility and enable you to use the same room for different purposes by installing separate controls. Making use of a steam generator can also help to reduce the cost of heating water for your bathroom.    

Wet Room

The best custom showers often come from creating a wet room. This will negate the need for many fixtures and  reduce the amount of decorative aspects required as all the surfaces will need to be tiled and you can do away with glass partitions, a shower pan or bath tub. The simplicity will also reduce the amount of plumbing and pipes required.


If you are making use of color to create custom showers, ensure that you maintain the theme throughout to get the full effect. Tiles are available in a variety of different color which should make it easy to find the one you desire. Use accessories that match the color theme to enhance the look further. This method can also be used when it comes to the material used for the fixtures so gold faucets will go with a gold shower head.  


The variety of bathroom fixtures and fittings on the market means that you can obtain the various items needed in the same shape. For example, if you choose a square shower head, ensure that the faucets are also angular rather than rounded. Additional design aspects can be created by fitting mosaic tiles to match the shape theme as well as using a shower curtain or glass partition comprising the shape.


After deciding on a particular style, stay true to it by using fixtures and accessories to match the style. For example, if you are creating a shower as part of a bathroom with a modern theme, avoid the use of old-fashioned fixtures and fittings. If you use a particular style in the rest of your bathroom, customize your shower by continuing this style. Install fixtures, such as hooks and shelves, that make the bathing process more convenient and enjoyable.