Design Ideas for Garden Planters Design Ideas for Garden Planters

Garden planters give you a lot of options to play with in terms of design. They can accentuate and add character to your garden or yard. They are also space savers, allowing for growing plants in cramped spaces while adding flair to your outdoors (and indoors). They are also portable and can therefore be relocated at anytime. Here are some ideas on how you can maximize the potential of garden planters.

Plastic Planters

The advantage of these types of garden planters is that they are not too affected by the elements because they are plastic. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles. These are usually grouped together to form mass designs of the same plants at different areas of the garden or yard. They can also stand alone in some areas of the yard just as long as they are strategically placed and are always kept clean. A dirty plastic planter will not be too appealing to the eyes.


There are planters that hang from walls and posts. Plants that are found in them usually grow downward, such as vines and hanging flowers. These are unique in such a way that they are suspended above one’s head. These are an excellent choice if floor space is limited. These hanging planters are capable of putting emphasis on certain structures such as posts, windows and walls.


These are the more classic choice, some of which have intricate designs engraved on them. However, there are also large plain planters. Some of these garden planters are so large they can even fit a whole person inside. Large outdoor spaces can be easily filled up by these ceramic planters. All you have to do is position them correctly in the yard and space them properly. Otherwise, they could look boring and therefore make your yard look boring and old.


Adding some accessories to your planters in order to add a little flair is also a good idea. Some planter designs cannot make an impact by themselves no matter what you do. Adding little extras such as crystals and beads will bring your planters to life.

Dual Function

The best way to maximize your garden planters is to have it function as something else, as well. For example, you can have a planter that is also part of your mailbox. It hits two birds with one stone by giving it a little more purpose. You can also design a planter that’s already a bench or a chair. Planters with dual functions tend to increase in demand nowadays.


A combination of two or more planters in one could help flare the imagination of the designer. Having planters that are plastic and hanging may work out, for example, since they can be exposed and elevated with no problem at all. Another combination could probably be a plastic shell with an intricate ceramic planter inside. These types of garden planters could be used as one of the main decors in the garden that could highlight the stronger points of your yard.

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