Design Ideas for Kitchen Window Valances Design Ideas for Kitchen Window Valances

You can select your preferred style for kitchen window valances by trying some different ideas.

Draping (A Quick Solution)

To create quick kitchen window valances, use these tips:

  • Install a curtain rod in the usual way.
  • Use a pashmina scarf or any beautiful embroidered or beaded scarf and drape it over your curtain rod. (First twine the scarf around the rod before you drape it or you can leave some of the rod exposed.)
  • The colour should be suited to your kitchen and the drapery exercise should be to your own taste.

“Stained Glass” (A Longer Solution)

Stained glass is perfect should your window be directly toward the sun. This kitchen window valance should also be quick, but it requires a little more work:

  • Get stained glass pieces cut into lengths in proportion to your window. (The edges should not be sanded as the glass would lose its reflection.)
  • Cut these all the same length or cut them in different lengths.
  • Drill holes, evenly spaced from the edges, into the tops. Use a diamond drill.
  • Add a wire-ring to thread the curtain wire through and hang the glass.

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