Design Ideas for Modern Staircases

modern staircase design

Modern staircases have come a long way from the styles that you see in older homes. If you are considering a modern staircase for your home, consider these design options.

Designer Carpet

One thing you see a lot on modern staircases is designer carpet. Going with a pattern on the staircase can add something to the overall look of your house. If you have a prominent staircase in your home, it can provide a focal point for people entering the house. Animal prints and geometric designs are popular with modern staircases. Make sure you buy a high-quality carpet for the stairs since they endure high traffic.

Laminate Stairs

You might also consider a high-quality laminate stair tread. Laminate stair treads fit over the entire step and give it a professional, finished look. Laminate is harder and more durable than a real hardwood on steps. They are available in a variety of looks to match any decor.