Design Ideas for Sliding Glass Door Curtains

To create a pleasant appearance and maintain the functionality of sliding glass doors, it is important to consider design ideas for sliding glass door curtains. Curtains can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors, or can be custom made to fit your personal needs.

Decorative Curtain Rod

Mount a decorative curtain rod several inches above the top of the sliding glass door. Hang floor-length draperies with rings that will allow the fabric curtain to slide as the door is opened and closed.

Panel System

To create an attractive look that is similar to vertical blinds, utilizing a panel system is a good option. A track is placed along the wall or ceiling, in which overlapping fabric panels are placed on the track. The panels can be as wide or narrow as you wish, with the exact measurements based on the height of the door.

Sliding Glass Door Window Cornice

The window cornice is an elegant choice for sliding glass door curtains. Either purchase or custom build a window cornice with a tension rod built in. Hang fabric curtains from the cornice for a beautiful window treatment.

Cornice Valance

If you do not want long window treatments, consider making a cornice valance with a foam cornice and fabric. Simply create the window treatment and mount over the sliding glass door.