Design Ideas for Small Shower Baths

A shower bath.

Make your small shower bath the perfect size by giving it the illusion of spaciousness with some cosmetic solutions. A shower bath is a room that includes a toilet, sink, and shower. It is also known as a full bath. The standard size for a shower bath found in a home built more than 30 years ago is 5x8 feet. A full bath in newer construction is double the size. Read below for tips and tricks about maximizing space in the bathroom.

Open Up More Space

When opened, a hinged door occupies prime space in small shower baths. Replacing it with a pocket door frees up the area while adding a fun distinctive feature to your home. A folding door is also another way to replace a traditional door.

A Big Reflection

You don’t need to banish double mirrors in small shower baths, but one large mirror reflects the opposite wall allowing the room to appear bigger. Also, it’s easier to focus your eyes on a single mirror. Adding other reflective surfaces to your small shower bath helps to enlarge the room. Install stainless steel sinks, shiny tiles, and cabinets with glass fronts.

A Clear View

Partitioning a shower with a tiled wall or solid doors creates a confining atmosphere in a small shower bath. Enclosing the shower in clear glass is functional without obstructing the view of the entire room.

The Right Fit for Storage

While it’s tempting to place a pedestal sink in small shower baths, it’s not always a practical storage solution. Of course, the size of your bathroom will dictate the kind of sink you choose for your room. Linen closets outside of the bathroom are fine for towels, but you may want other necessities conveniently located. Vanity sinks give you needed storage and are stylish. If your space is limited and you can only fit a pedestal sink in your bathroom, attaching cabinets to the upper walls stretch your storage capacity.

Light It Up

Any window or skylight provides needed natural light. A large bathroom window placed in a small shower bath floods your bathroom with abundant sunlight producing a roomy effect. Overhead lights chase away dreary shadows that can make the space feel restricted. Add ambient lighting with wall sconces to increase the light in the room while contributing a charming look.

A Bright Spot

Visually expand small shower baths with neutral, light colors for the walls, floors, and countertops. Cream, gray, blue, or green paired with white or natural colored tiles work best in a small spot. An exception to using pale colors is painting the ceiling a bright color to draw your attention upwards lengthening the height of the room.

Ban the Clutter

A small room looks larger when it’s not cluttered. Do away with unnecessary accessories such as decorations on the countertops, and baskets and containers on the floor. Only hang shelves if you really need them otherwise leave the walls with clean flat lines.