Design Ideas for Turned Table Legs Design Ideas for Turned Table Legs

Turned Table Legs are made by placing a piece of wood on a wood spindle and creating the design as the spindle turns. There are many different design ideas that you can use when creating your own turned table legs.

The Classic

The classic style is usually defined by a round top, a smooth oval middle, and a matching round bottom. Because this style is made on a wood spindle, the design should be symmetrical and the same depth all the way around.

The Column

The column will have a very defined base to it and often the base is the same as the top. If you have columns in the room that this furniture will be placed in, you may choose to bring that same design into the turned table leg.

The Curved Leg

This leg is also created on a wood spindle, but it is not the same all the way around. It is formed into a shape that curves and arcs outward from the furniture. This style is often seen on the legs of end tables or vanities. It provides a much softer look than the classic and the column.


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