Design Ideas with Circle Mirror Tiles Design Ideas with Circle Mirror Tiles

The savviest of designers know that circle mirror tiles can miraculously transform the dullest and dreariest of rooms into an area of grandeur and vitality. The uses of mirror tiles are infinite as they can create the illusion of more space and produce greater illumination. Circle mirror tiles are among the most flexible decorative assets available to a professional designer or DIY enthusiast.

Making Good Use of Light

Place a candle or a lamp in front of an area of circle mirror tiles to help boost the illusion of light in a room that is naturally dark. As well as expanding the feeling of light, it will promote a cozy and welcoming atmosphere whilst creating some fantastic shadows.

Ceiling Dynamics

Circle mirror tiles do not have to be confined to walls. Placed on a ceiling, these tiles not only give the impression of greater height but they will also generate the effect of a room having a skylight. This can provide an incredibly modern look in the most mundane of homes.

Economically Flattering

Using circle mirror tiles will effectively hide damaged or dull walls. Stripping, sanding, repainting or wallpapering can be timely and expensive. Sticking circle mirror tiles to interior walls will not only flatter the plainest of rooms, but will also help you save money on expensive interor decorations.

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