Design the Perfect Ottoman Frame Design the Perfect Ottoman Frame

To create the perfect ottoman, you need to first design an ottoman frame that’s both sturdy and attractive.  To accomplish this, you need to take into account several important design factors such as the size and shape of the room, the flow, and the function.

Room Size, Flow and Function

The size of the room has a lot to do with the type and design of furniture you choose to put in it. If you’re designing an ottoman frame you should keep the frame in proportion with the room and existing furniture. It’s also important to consider the flow and function of the room when designing your frame. This will ensure your ottoman fits in with the overall feel of the room.

Selecting the Wood

Now that you’ve considered the design options you can begin to construct the frame. You’ll want to keep you design in mind when selecting the finished wood.  For darker woods go with oak, cherry and walnut that covey warmer tone. Lighter woods such as maple and white pine help convey the natural light of a room. 

Add-Ons to Finish Your Ottoman

You can either use a biscuit joint or dado joint to connect the individual members of the frame together. This will give your ottoman frame a high quality and seamless look that everyone will appreciate.

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