Design Tips For a Small Bathroom Design Tips For a Small Bathroom

When planning the design of a small bathroom, it's important to first answer the question, "Who will be really using this room?" That is, will the new bathroom be used primarily by guests, perhaps tucked away in a quiet hallway? Or is it to be in a high-traffic family area such as near the kitchen or near the kids' bedrooms? Once you answer that question, you can focus on appropriate fixtures, doors, storage, colors, and accessories.

Low-Traffic Bathrooms

A small guest bath needs to be as welcoming as possible. Consider door placement issues, such as hinges placement. Pocket doors are a space-saving option. Consider a pedestal sink, a shower with a glass enclosure, and a rain-style shower head that will open the space. Use marble or travertine tiles on floor and walls, or apply a pop of bright paint.

High-Traffic Bathrooms

For a high traffic small bathroom, planning for storage is key. Here's where you need to consider built-in or recessed shelving to save floorspace. Cabinetry beneath sinks needs to be considered. Decor ideas follow the guest room ideas, meaning that the the simpler they are, the better. INstall multiple electrical outlets.

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