Design Tips for Displaying Christmas Lights Design Tips for Displaying Christmas Lights

Earlier people used candles to decorate their homes for the winter holidays, but modern Christmas lights come in more convenient options, like fairy lights and rope lights. These do not go out in the wind and last for many nights without the cumbersome process of lighting each individual candle. Each year, rearrange your lights to create traditional representations of Christmas or modern ones that reflect the current times and ideas.

Designs and Decorations with Christmas Light

Use Christmas lights to decorate not only your tree, but your home as well. As the strings of lights are lightweight and flexible, get hold of appropriate clips and create designs out of them. You can have traditional Christmas designs such as Santa and his reindeer or the Holy Family.

If you are tired of these traditional designs and want to experiment with something new, go ahead and do so. Try modern themes such as peace and harmony. Create a winter scene with icicles hanging from your eaves or lilies decorating your outdoor wall.

Match Lights with Other Themes

You can connect the lights to a music system so that they move in accordance with the beat. Play traditional songs on your system and the lights will dance along, across your tree or outdoor landscaping. This creates a truly enchanting vision for any passerby. You can set these lights using your computer.

If you have a garden, drape net lights around bushes and shrubs. They will really brighten up the cold winter landscape and add to the Christmas cheer of your home.

Frame your doors and windows with flexible lights. LED lights do not generate much heat and are ideal for this purpose.

Buy or purchase wood or metal frames to hold the lights, in shapes like reindeer or snowmen. String the lights around them. Alternatively, create a larger scene, like a manger or a castle.

Christmas is a time for cheer and friendliness. Make sure that your designs reflect this spirit of the festival. The lights will add warmth and color to the cold winter nights and bring a sparkle to the eyes of the beholder. Whichever theme you choose to display, make sure that you give proper attention to the details to get the best effect from your lights.

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