Design Tips for Your Entryway Storage Design Tips for Your Entryway Storage

Many people like to decorate their entryway storage area. There are many ways to make entryways look really great and give them your own special touch. It is always nice to go out on a drive and see the pretty landscaping and entryway decors of other homes. Here are a few tips to go by if you are interested in doing some decorating of your own.

Ideas for Your Front Door

Some people who like to make crafts will make homemade wreaths. They coordinate them to the seasons or special occasions. They will often paint their doors a different color than the house to make the door stand out. If there is a porch, you could place some wicker furniture or a couple of potted plants. You could even add a bench with a doll sitting on it for ambiance.

Ideas for the Walkways

The sidewalk leading up to the front door is ideal for a row of flowers surrounded by woodchips. Flower pots placed on each side of the sidewalk make the walkway stand out. The walkway can be brick lined with crushed rocks on the sides. Little animal imprints in the rocks, like frogs, ladybugs, caterpillars, are great decorative touches as well as the addition of other little yard ornaments. Welcome signs or a big rock with the family name on it sitting beside the sidewalk make your walkway unique.

Ideas for the Driveway

Other than the mailbox at the end of the driveway people usually don’t put much effort into decorating their driveway. A spot for some flowers or bushes is a simple, attractive addition. A rock garden within the flower bed can make your driveway special. If you live in a quiet neighborhood without public street lights, you may want to install street lamps curbside to your driveway. These lamps can be painted to match your home.

Ideas for your Backyard and Garden Walkways

Backyard and garden walkways can be especially fun to decorate. You can add a bird bath or a fountain, either of which can be surrounded with flowers. A trellis with climbing rosebushes is a beautiful addition to any path. Garden gnomes or deer statues can be hidden in the flowers. Hanging flower baskets placed along the walkway will create an original look.

There are as many ideas as your imagination can concoct for use in decorating your entryways. Simple yet creative touches will make all your guests feel comfortable and at home. Personalizing your entryways will tell everyone what you kind of person you are. These areas are also places for you to relax and unwind. Creating beautiful scenery that is full of life and hope can create a sense of wellbeing. Good ideas for landscaping and decorating can be found online and in magazines. If you do like to do crafts, you can check in craft books as well. You can even get ideas from driving around and looking at other homes to see what kind of decorating ideas other people are using. Give it a try sometime, you just may like what you find and enjoy yourself. Good luck and have fun.

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