Design Tips to Achieve a Shabby Chic Style Throw Design Tips to Achieve a Shabby Chic Style Throw

Shabby Chic mixes old with new. If you have a few pieces of old furniture, you can design your own shabby chic throws to update each piece. Just think roses, tassels, ribbons, lace, patch-work, white-on-white, and crochet; and you just about have shabby chic covered. If you're looking for design ideas, here are some ways to transform blankets into throws.

Tip 1: Measuring

Before you buy your materials to decorate any blanket, measure everything out first. A grid is helpful to keep your patterns straight, and to mark out placement of accents.

Tip 2: Shabby Chic Roses Throw

To make a grid on the blanket; using string, attach lengths with pins from corner to corner on a diagonal, giving an 'X' shape. Attach another one in the center from top to bottom, and then another going across the middle. This grid will be similar to the foundations of a spider's web.

For this project, the spider's web grid works best, but grids can also be made into other shapes. Squares, rectangles, triangles, and hexagonal shapes can also be achieved.

    Start from the center. Moving out in a circular pattern, mark where the roses will be placed. Use the lines of the string as a guide. Roses could be placed in a zig-zag pattern with one rose at each point, in a spiral pattern, or in lines. Ribbons or lace could also be used for lines.

    Measure the lengths of ribbon or lace required, and count the number of roses that you'll need. Attach any ribbon or lace before attaching roses. Finish blanket off with lace or ribbon edging.

    Tip 3: Shabby Chic Patchwork Throw

      Tassels look great as edging on a patchwork blanket. To pretty a patchwork blanket up some more, add individual pearl beads where each square meets. Hunt around for old brooches or mismatched earrings with large stones in them. Put these at intervals between the pearls, or even use just one as a showpiece in the center of the throw.

      Tip 4: Shabby Chic Crochet Table Cloth Throw

      A simple white blanket can be transformed into a throw with a crocheted table cloth. Add white-on-white, or use a contrasting colored table cloth. Dark colors, like black, look stunning on white. You may need to consider dying the table cloth first if you can't find the color that you're after. Choose a round or rectangular tablecloth as close to the size of the blanket as possible. Hand sewing the table cloth on, is recommended for a more permanent hold.

      Tip 5: Making it Quicker (The No Sew Option)

      You can make a throw without having to sew. All you need is fabric glue, or fusible tape. There are other types of fabric settings that can also help you design new throws, like fusible webbing, such as, PELLON Wonder Under. The webbing gives a new pattern to an old throw and does not require sewing. Fusible webbing, or tape, is set by using an iron. Before ironing, have a scrap piece of material ready to place between the iron and the assembled material that need fusing. The scrap piece of material will ensure that no scalding occurs when the iron is set to a high temperature.

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