Designing a Bohemian Garden Theme in Your Back Yard

If you are searching for an unusual garden theme, why not design and create a bohemian garden. It would be a unique, dramatic addition to any back yard.

Step 1: What Is Bohemian?

When you think of a bohemian setting think of the colors of a Gypsy's skirt or of bright saris from India. Many would call bohemian eclectic and the two terms are interchangeable. It is a chance to have fun with things you like and perhaps use every day. Throw caution to the wind and let your mind wander to come up with interesting ideas. You don't need to follow any rules except be unique and possibly dramatic.

Step 2: Bohemian Furniture for Your Garden

Many magazines and designers are playing with the bohemian look. A few popular television shows feature a bohemian garden setting with numerous nooks and sitting areas to explore. Designers are especially fond of using furniture in a garden of this type that you would normally see indoors. Let the rain wear down the varnish and show raw wood on tables and chairs. The more weathered, the better it looks. Think about using an old wooden chair or settee that has upholstered back and seat on your covered areas if you have them. Taking the indoors outside is creating a unique space that is all yours. Don't worry about faded fabrics, you can add bright pillows to perk things up. Drape a bright colored piece of fabric over the back of a chair, or do the same with a scarf you like and no longer use. If you like tablecloths, instead of centering them, hang them loosely over the corner of the table or across at an angle. Another good look is to bunch up cloth on the table in piles and spread out the fringed edges. Use more than one spread on a table for a dramatic look.

Step 3: Lighting Your Bohemian Garden

Lighting your garden has become an art. In addition to candles on the tables in assorted glass vases, jars and crocks and sometimes even in cleaned out pickle jars with bright colored marbles in the bottom. Try sitting plates or saucers of multi colored candles around garden ledges and on rocks. Use wine bottles as candle holders. You may want to go looking for an old chandelier. Bring it home, rewire it as a lamp, and hang it from the limb of a tree. This would look great over an eating space or tucked away among the trees with only a couple of chairs beneath it.

Consider stringing clear Christmas lights in the trees or from tree to roof and back. Perhaps these could light a 'dance floor' you've created in your garden of patio stones.

Step 4: Plants for Your Bohemian Garden

Think bright splashes of color mixed with large draping ferns. Hang your houseplants outdoors for the summer from the limbs of the trees and put a votive candle in the soil for more light. Use an old metal chair as a plant stand. Do the unexpected both with color and plants.