Designing a French Pot Rack Designing a French Pot Rack

Designing a French pot rack for your kitchen starts with gaining inspiration from pictures of French-styled pot racks. Finding pictures and descriptions of French pot racks online or in kitchen design magazines is a good start to determining how to approach the process of designing your own French pot rack for your kitchen.

Using Online Sites and Magazines for Inspiration

The online websites and design magazines will give you hundreds of examples from which to choose and determine what type of design elements should be included in your own French pot rack. This initial approach makes sense and is a sensible way to go about designing a French pot rack, especially if you have never designed one before. It would be like asking someone to design an elephant without first seeing one, if you did not know what an elephant looks like.

Finding Inspiration Through Observation

You can look for inspiration in your design of a French pot rack by looking at actual French pot racks that are displayed in a home or at a retailer. This will give you an up close visualization of the type of pot rack styles that can be made and the details that you may be able to incorporate into your own design. The only difference between this method of observing a French pot rack and looking at a magazine or online is that you can observe the details up close and get a better physical idea of what you may want in your design.

Making Copies of Designs of Interest

Once you observe the different design elements that are incorporated in a French pot rack, make copies of several different types that were of particular interest to you. You do not want to simply trace or copy an existing design but rather you want to incorporate those elements that you like into your own design. Taking different examples will give you a broad perspective of what to put in your French pot rack.

Using Design Software

There is drawing software that is available that allows you to upload or transfer pictures from magazines and online sources in order to create new designs. Purchase this software to aid you in the design of your French pot rack. It will make the design process easier to accomplish and better for you to achieve the type of design that you are looking for.

The design software may help make the task of designing your French-style pot rack much easier than drawing out a design by hand. This is especially true for those individuals who have poor drawing skills or if you need to maintain certain spacial relationships in the design for ordering materials and building the pot rack. Look for software that also provides you with a materials list and dimensions that allow you to take the design plans to a custom builder or materials store in order to get exactly what you designed.

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