Designing a Green Bathroom: 7 Options Designing a Green Bathroom: 7 Options

The benefits of having a green home are becoming ever more appealing to many people. A green home is run to a certain degree in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner. This not only benefits our environment by helping to conserve our natural resources and reduce waste, but also our own pockets, as a number of energy savings are made. Most rooms in the house can be made to be green. Let us identify some ideas which you can apply to have a green bathroom.

1. Water Saving Features

Nowadays there is the greener option of having faucets and shower heads which incorporate water-saving features. There are also toilet models which are water saving since you can choose the quantity of water to flush according to the requirement. These are not only energy efficient and more economical, but they will also save plenty of water.

2. Cabinets' Materials

Most bathrooms have cabinets or storage units where you store various utilities. Rather than buying a plastic cabinet, it is best to go for a more sustainable material, such as recycled woods or bamboo.

3. Using Recycled Materials

Nowadays there are plenty of options available on the market which can help you to choose products made from recycled materials. Toothbrush holders and soap dishes for instance can be made from recycled materials. The countertops could be made from recycled glass, also known as vetrazzo. You can also install recycled porcelain tiles. There are various toilet paper brands which are made from recycled materials.

4. Organic Materials

Try to go for towels made from organic cotton and which are naturally dyed. Another green recommendation is to choose shower curtains which are made from fabric or hemp, rather than PVC.

5. Painting

Make sure to use non toxic paint to paint the bathroom's walls.

6. Refinishing an Old Bath Tub

If your bath tub is appearing rather old, there are alternatives to throwing it away. First of all you can try cleaning and sanitizing it. Try scrubbing it with a mixture of bicarbonate soda and lemon juice. Vinegar is also a good cleanser. In addition to cleaning it, you could also consider refinishing it by installing a bath tub liner which will make it look like new. Another option is to re-glaze it.

7. Daily Measures

Apart from applying the above green recommendations, you need to make sure that you have good habits. You should not leave water running unnecessarily, for instance. Often a shower saves more water than running a bath. Make sure not to ignore trickling taps or leaking pipes. Bear in mind that the water that you use in your bathroom is going to be disposed of eventually. Therefore, it is advisable that you make use of organic bath and body products. It is also important to try to purchase and use cleaning products which are eco-friendly.

The bathroom needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. However you can clean it well with basic household cleansers rather than using commercial cleaners which contain chemicals and other components which could be harmful for the environment. It is also important to try to eliminate disposables as much as possible. It is better to use a rag or sponge to clean, rather than making use of paper towels if it can be avoided.

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