Designing a Grow Room for Hydroponic Gardening

An indoor hydroponic gardening system is better placed in a dedicated grow room. There is a smell associated with hydroponics that you will want to keep out of the rest of your home.

Ideal Grow Room

The ideal grow room wood be a green house. This would present you with space to develop and as much natural light as possible.


Hydroponics creates a very moist atmosphere and good ventilation is essential to prevent the proliferation of molds and plant pests. Simple fans strategically positioned can ease the effects of humidity on people and plants.


Most hydroponic systems require electric power to operate pumps and lights. You should try to create an electric circuit around the green house with outlets at regular intervals. All outlets should be at head height to reduce the risk of water getting into them. For maximum safety, use outdoor outlets rather than standard domestic ones.


A good supply of fresh water should be readily available. If possible, a water filter should be fitted so that the water is as pure as possible. An area for mixing the nutrients should be set up adjacent to the water supply point. Like electricity, water can be distributed around the green house for best efficiency. Water pipes are best positioned on the floor to distance them from the electricity supply.


When you know the types of systems you will be installing you can create the ideal situation for them using cheap racking. Each system will require a different layout so you will be able to plan the various racks to make best use of the available space. When building the racking try to allow room for effective sweeping of the floor.


Artificial lighting can be located at the best positions once the racking is more or less complete. If possible, lighting fixtures should be in gimbals so that they can be directed to best advantage. All movable lighting units should be fitted with rubber handles.


If there is enough room, you can build small storage areas in the voids around the various systems.  Tools associated with particular systems should have storage points built in to the racking. All soluble products should be stored outside of the humidity zone that the green house will become. A compromise would be to store them in air-tight containers.


The floor should be as level as possible while allowing for good drainage points. Avoid having wires or pipes crossing the floor areas you will normally walk on.


With hydroponic gardening keeping working areas safe and free of obstructions applies to both overhead spaces and floor spaces. If equipment has to be in an overhead area where you work, pad it to protect your head.

The size of the green house will dictate how inclusive you can make it. With a small green house simply install the racking and power; everything else will have to be placed outside.